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How to Have Tough Conversations with Empathy

What You'll Get From How to Have Tough Conversations with Empathy


How do you have tough conversations? In this course, you will learn how to remove the pressure of knowing the right thing to say by using Empathy Conversations as a guide to center others in tough conversations. When emotions are high, this framework and role-play scenarios will ensure you're confident in your communication!

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Start Here

Lesson Two: Resilience Roadmap Overview

Lesson Three: Stops Along The Journey

Lesson Four: Have the Tough Conversations

Lesson Five: Empathy Conversations Roleplay

Nail the Interview Strategy Template

Click below to download the excel guide to start creating your interview strategy. This will be your one-stop shop to prepare (and remember) your STAR stories that demonstrate your expertise and value. 

There's a tab for your personal brand, STAR stories, and questions to ask the interviewer. Start with your top 10 STAR stories that ladder up to your personal brand. 

You can use this resource to add stories to your list so you're ready for any question to nail the interview! 

Keep thriving!

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