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Allyship is the skill every person needs to advance equity for all.

Today, we know that many organizations have made strong commitments to advancing gender equity and research shows that allyship is a practice that can help sustain progress in the recruitment, retention, and leadership representation across the organization. 


Allies play a pivotal role in shifting mindsets, challenging behaviors, and fostering an inclusive culture that makes equitable outcomes possible.

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What is an ally?

An ally is recognized by a community as someone that is engaged in learning, advocating, and sharing their power to take action to advance the inclusion and equity of that community. 


Being an ally requires the self-awareness to identify our place of privilege and power in order to use it to advocate for those with less.

Talk vs. Action 

Although awareness of inclusion has improved, the progress of retention and advancement towards equity has been slow to non-existent according to McKinsey and LeanIn.

Rachel Thomas of Lean In and Lareina Yee of McKinsey share their insights on the latest 2021 Women in the Workplace Study with the Wall Street Journal. Here are some takeaways:

  • There is higher awareness, but slow results. When you tally up the U.S. corporate commitment on racial equity, it’s $200 billion. So that’s wonderful. 

  • White employees, interestingly enough, are more likely this year to say they’re allies to women of color and see themselves as allies to women of color, but they are no more likely to be taking action. 

  • But then you look at the research of day-to-day experiences of Black women, Asian women, Latino women, women with disabilities, LGBTQ, every single group has a worse experience than white peers and white women. 

  • Many of the challenges that existed before the pandemic (women of being talked over, having their judgment questioned, etc.) still exists

The Awareness & Actions of Allies® helps organizations equip your people with the skill of allyship by


Combining challenging conversations with clear action to cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone believes they belong.


Build awareness and actionable skills to cultivate allyship across your leadership and teams.

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Intro Allyship 101 Session + 6 Modules + Wrap Up Implementation Session



Develop an agile mindset as the foundation of allyship 



Identify actions to contribute to an inclusive culture



Enhance cross-cultural competency 



Engage with cross-cultural communities 



Practice strategies for active listening & empathy



Share access to advocate for diverse talent


participants to enhance their self-awareness on the impact of primary diversity in the workplace and identify clear actions for allyship


leaders with the skills to engage and advocate for diverse colleagues


participants to implement the actions of allies – awareness, learning, listening, inclusion, experiences, and sponsorship – to cultivate an inclusive culture where all talent is engaged and thriving, despite their difference

Core Competencies Developed in this Program:


Increase self and social awareness to develop a culture of inclusion.



Enhance knowledge of experiences of BIPOC colleagues in the workplace to build trust.



Interpersonal capacity building to effectively communicate despite differences. 



Learn ways to strengthen fortitude for long-term commitment to allyship and advocacy.

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Flexible Formats to Meet the Needs of your Team

Live Workshops

6 or 8 in-person or virtual interactive sessions.

Licensed On-Demand Courses


Lean learning customized course content.

Customized Content

Include your leaders and organizational specific information

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