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10-Day Real Resilience Challenge

Take the challenge! For 10 consecutive days, let's cultivate our resilience from a place of authenticity, purpose, courage, and joy! Leave your cape and take the time to reflect, evaluate, and make your next move your best move with the challenge questions and prompts provided.

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What is Resilience, Really?

Challenge: Acknowledge the Feelings

What loss have you experienced recently? Reflect on it and how you feel about it by asking yourself these questions that you can think through or write your responses:

  1. How am I feeling? (Fine isn’t a feeling. 😊)

  2. What thoughts or feelings do I have that I haven’t articulated?

  3. How have I allowed myself to grieve this loss?


Career Grief When No One Died

Challenge: Identify the Loss

What is your most recent career change? How has this change impacted you? What adjustments are you making to stay committed to your aspirations despite the challenge? Today’s challenge is to write down who you are without using descriptors connected to your career or professional expertise. Who are you?


Survival Mode Isn’t Sustainable

Challenge: Reveal and Deal to Heal

Complete the journal prompts:

I need to be more open about…

To support my journey to be more transparent about where I am, I will…


Don’t Should Yourself

Challenge: Be OK with Being Uncomfortable

Discomfort is an invitation for growth. How are you embracing discomfort? List what is inside and outside your comfort zone. Once you have a solid list, pick 1 thing that makes you uncomfortable and share it with someone else. If you’re really up for a challenge, make a plan to execute on that discomfort!


Communicating with Empathy

Challenge: Have the Tough Conversations

What conversation have you been putting off? Use the mini course inside the toolkit to think through your empathy conversation. Then set a deadline on your calendar to have the conversation. You got this!


Managing Your Mindset

Challenge: Reimagine to Reinvent the Now You

Your beliefs help you to navigate the tension between what you know and how you feel. What are your guiding beliefs that help you take your thoughts captive to reimagine as you journey forward? Once you think through your core beliefs, list your top 4 personal values.


Self-Care is Resilience

Challenge: Be What You Need

How are your prioritizing self-care every day? What does self-care look like within the context of your career? What or who might you need to say no to in order to say yes to yourself? Make a commitment to your self-care this week and share how you will be what you need with a colleague or friend.


Supporting Others Through Loss

Challenge: Share the Load

Sharing our story can be a powerful way to support others through loss. How are you leaning in to vulnerability to share your experiences with loss that could help someone else share their load. Think of one person or one way you can share your story of thriving through. Share your story this week!


Proceed with Grace

Challenge: Focus Forward 

Who might you need to forgive yourself or someone else to focus forward? How will you extend grace today? Write an affirmation to yourself and say it aloud each day for the next 10 days.



Challenge: Be Well

Your challenge today is to BE WELL!

B – Believe Beyond Where You Are 

E – Encourage Yourself Daily

W – Write Down Where You Want to Be

E – Exercise Your Body

L – Look for the Lesson

L – Let Your Guard Down

Thank you for participating in this 10-Day Real Resilience Challenge!


Download the graphic below and share your photo with the hashtag #thrivethroughit once you complete the challenge!

Keep Thriving!

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