The Resilience Roadmap™ 

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A 9 Session Seminar to Take Your Team from Barely Surviving to Boldly Thriving

Most people associate grief with the personal loss of loved one. In addition to this experience, we often experience loss through transitions in other areas of our life professionally and personally. The Resilience Roadmap™ is a guide for thriving through loss in life and business. This seminar can me scheduled to meet the needs of your team across 1 full day - 9 weeks. 

Let's redefine resilience! During this seminar, participants will be inspired to think of resilience in a new way and gain tools to equip you with the language, confidence and perspective to journey through loss with real resilience. Real resilience recognizes where you are and uses those raw moments to re-imagine what you can be as you journey forward, there is no bouncing back.

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