65% of millennials aren’t engaged at work. We can meet the challenge of connecting with this demographic with targeted curriculum and training.


The lack of engagement for millennials is often linked to feeling undervalued in the workplace. We have created a leadership curriculum specifically for developing and engaging mid level millennial leaders.


60% of millennials are open to a new job opportunity right now. We can help you develop strategies to engage, retain and promote diverse millennial talent.

Career Thrivers Consulting helps forward-thinking companies meet the unique needs of diverse millennial talent.  Our services and products will support your business growth by educating staff and managers, developing mid-level millennial leaders and cultivating awareness and sensitivity in your company culture. 

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Brittany executes engaging keynotes, workshops and training on leadership and development topics. Her delivery is straightforward, relatable and fun.


Executive coaching for the mid-level millennial. Brittany will engage your talent with 1:1 or mastermind coaching opportunities to sharpen their skills and prepare them for next level leadership.


Invest in curriculum and content development to support your leaders on the ground, leading much of the professional development of diverse millennial talent via voluntary employee resource groups.

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